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Friday, February 12, 2010

My daughter turned 13!

Yup! Tyler turned 13!!! She had a total of 18 kids, including her two brothers that participated in her crazy 13 th birthday, by the way we celebrated early January 30th when her real birthday is on February 1, 2010 that landed on a Monday.

Laser tag, skating, tree house and bowling... They all had fun and the best one they really enjoyed was the tree house because they all went crazy in there! Zebra pattern was the whole theme for this party. I had less then 1/2 an hour to set this up so I miss the tree house craziness. Thanks to Dexter for helping me decorate and do the heavy lifting. I did the sign too... The night before project.

Teachers Valentine's Day gift

I used TAC rubberstamps for this project. I'm also selling these on Shop Handmade and Craigslist in our area as well. Interested or questions? Leave me a note.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I found this online. My daughter with her coach and her cheer friends in the newspaper and online with the recreation for Richmond Hill U10 and U12 for the Wildcats on October 3, 2009. Note: These are not all of them.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Busy! Busy! Busy! On a Blog Break.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Sorry to say I'm taking a blog break. I'm contemplating if I should continue or not. So for now I'm taking a mini blog break. My life with my kids and their activities has kept me busy. I'm trying to hold up on my Facebook account as well but it has been a challenge to be on that one as well.
Thank you for visiting us here and we really appreciate you checking up on us.
P.S. I've also deleted most of our old updates.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

We received an edible bouquet today! It's really yummy!

Our first edible bouquet from Edible Arrangements. This was from Chris' coworker (The Bowen Family) who took them to as many tourist sites, can't forget the local foods too while in Hawaii. I wish I was there! :(

My son & I took the first bites, we went for the one with the chocolates, pineapple and chocolates are really good. As I mentioned this was our first time ever receiving this kind of gift, it really made my day. Thank You Bowen Family! We love it!

Here's the information if you are in our area. I think this is a good way to giving.

Edible Arrangements
Piccadilly Square
10010 Abercorn Street
Savannah, GA 31406

The next time I see this vehicle on the road I'm going to think how lucky that persons going to be when they receive this... Yummy! Especially during mealtime, it would even be more enticing to eat! They also have an online service

Monday, June 29, 2009

I'm in Twitter & Face Book

I got a Twitter, from Myra.  Some how I end up getting one.  I'll try to use it, I can't promise you how long I'll do this.  Check me out and join me if you like.  Click Here

Facebook!  Yes, Ally I finally got one.  Just need to figure out how to work this things.  

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Planting trees @ Henderson Park

This day (Feb. 28, 2009) was a special day for us, our first volunteering duties for our community.  We all agreed to volunteer and help plant trees at the new park here in our area.  Actually, I requested it from my kids  it was kind of my day and this was something I wanted to do as a family.  If you ask my children if they had fun, I can tell you they would rather play with their friends or be on the computer.  I myself like the idea of helping and can say we planted these trees here.  I hope the trees we planted together will survive and be still here even if I'm gone...  Sentimental me.  He! He! He!  Anyway, we only planted 2 trees out of 50 that day and stayed to put mulch around them for 2 hours.  They had a lot of volunteers and we all were thanked with a gift certificate to McDonald until 4 pm that day worth $8!  Now that is a treat!  By the way this is still under construction, it was nice to see the progress of this place.  It's off limits for the public and soon it will be open, I'm excited to go to this place when it's done.  One other thing, there was another person with my name and she wrote that, I just had to take picture I thought it was kind of cool.